It is commonly inhabited by demons and the souls of dead sinners. It is ruled by the death god: Satan. Punishment in Hell typically corresponds to sins committed during life. Sometimes these distinctions are specific, with damned souls suffering for each sin committed but sometimes they are general, with condemned sinners relegated to one or more chamber of Hell or to a level of suffering. Most of Hell is fiery and painful, inflicting guilt and suffering, with 9 layers. The first layer is fiery and full of magma. Embers rain down from the ceiling and iron fortresses are made in the magma rivers, this is the main torturing section. The second layer is a mountainous region with an iron wall surronding it. The third layer is full of mud and trees and is very humid. The fourth layer is full of fire and lava falls come down from cracks in the ceillings. The fifth layer is cold and dark, in the center is a frozen ocean with millions of icebergs. There is a city of ice to the north. The sixth layer is full of floating islands. The floating islands feature different biomes. (for different punishments) the seventh layer is a massive maze of tunnels filled with swampy water. The eight layer is very cold filled with icy spikes and villages. The ninth layer is a GARGANTUAN maze with hidden drops and tons of traps. Their is a shorter path only the dead can go through. Satan's castle lies at the very last chamber. The whole dimension contains the river Styx which appears to the dead. Charon comes and takes them to the dimension asphodel for final judgment.

sentient racesEdit




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